Boy Scout Troop 133

Rock Hill, S.C.

Sponsoring organization - 

Mount Holly United Methodist Church

Troop 133 is 50 Years old this years...Keep checking back with us for details on the Anniversary celebration!


Camp Buck Toms - July 2003


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Camp Bud Scheile - July - 2004


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Troop News...





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Troop Leadership...


Scoutmaster: Rick Turney

Asst. Scoutmasters: George McKim
Jim Elliott
Bobby Polk
Doug Williams
Bryan Gladden
Scouting Coordinator: Brown Simpson
Scout Committee: Kim Guffey
Kathy Stricker
Bob Phillips
Rudy Alt
Mandy Williams

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Eagle Scouts...

Name Date
Jimmie Mitchell 3/16/1957
Mickey Truesdale 7/28/1957
Wayne Caldwell 1/11/1958
Hartwell Gwin 1/11/1958
Peyton Joyner 10/2/1958
Billy Mitchell 10/2/1958
Sonny White 10/2/1958
Keith Joyner 1/7/1960
Bert Johnson 1/7/1960
 Poagie Reid 6/21/1960
Chip  Grant 9/10/1960
Brian Adams 11/1/1973
James Anderson 11/20/1973
William D. Anderson 8/26/1975
Dennis F. Meadows 12/16/1975
Steven A. Anderson 3/9/1976
Jonathan Scott Clyburn 4/16/1982
David R. Little 8/2/1982
Julian Thomas Anderson 9/21/1982
William B. Simpson, Jr. 10/25/1982
Richard Lewis Threatt, Jr. 11/17/1985
Thomas H. Reeves 12/1/1985
Charles Green 6/29/1988
Michael Baskin 7/25/1988
Mark Threatt 8/1/1988
Jason Faulkenberry 11/18/1988
Daniel Gaynor 7/25/1990
N. Faulkenberry 11/19/1990
Dwain McDowell 10/1/1991
Bradley Robinson 10/1/1991
Charles Ghent 11/5/1991
Ryan Lee 2/8/1994
Robert Gladden 3/31/1994
Joe Cook, Jr. 5/31/1994
Chad Caldwell 1/24/1995
Charles Braswell 6/13/1995
Tyler Smith 5/5/1997
Will Reinhardt 3/2/1998
Jonathan Nichols 11/2/1998
Justin Christopher 4/12/1999
James Williamson 10/2/2000
James Elliot 2/5/2001
Patrick Kelly 2/24/2002
Kyle Crisp 11/19/2002
Chase Reinhardt  
Josh Wood  
Christopher Stricker  
Colt Guffey  





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Visit or join us!...

Troop 133 meets every Monday night at the Troop Scout Hut from 7:00 - 8:30 PM.  The Hut is located directly behind the Mt. Holly United Methodist Church Family Life Center. Turn off of Mt. Holly Rd (Hwy 901) onto Mt. Holly Dr. (Between the Church and Nichols Store).  The Hut is  the small green building on the left.

You can also contact Scoutmaster Rick Turney by E-mail at or contact the church office at 803-327-5779 weekdays between 8:00 am and noon.

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